Lichfield City Academy-Professional-Educational-Outstanding


We will maintain this approach to our work during 2018 and continue to develop success for all our full time education/football scholars.

January provides competitive u18/reserve team football matches and training to ensure technical,physical and mental skills are encouraged with our players. Utilising a sensible recruitment process all players have the opportunity of development with the three leagues we enter and one squad enables fantastic team skills to occur. At the Lichfield City Academy its consistent that if your good enough your old enough to progress to the first team or have trials at higher level clubs. We are delighted that 10 players this season are experiencing adult football.

Lichfield City Academy-Professional-Educational-Outstanding
USA scholarship trials will take place in January and this offers fantastic opportunity for our scholars to experience the standard of education and football ability required to be offered a place in the USA with our partners. Good luck lads. These opportunities encourage problem solving and test the emotions of our students to ensure they decide suitable career pathways, at all times having 121 advice.

Education is of high importance at Lichfield City Academy and through our timetable the scholars can enjoy a diverse range of life skills and personal education courses as a positive pathway to higher education. We offer 2-4 year courses- GCSE to University degree courses and this opportunity with our excellent higher education providers is unique to the normal football academy pathway and is set up in a timley mannor.

Understanding professional football and grassroots football and coaching of sport are conducted in a professional, fun and safe environment to support the players wellbeing. Maintaining the important life skills required for their career is vitally important during their academy timetable. Working with elite coaches at St Georges park supports outstanding learning and we are delighted with the advice and encouragement the players receive.

A brand new 4G pitch ensures quality training from UEFA coaches to provide player development from youth to adult football and a family atmosphere where all players take responsibility to support each other in creating happy football memories together.

The learning and education for the scholars continues with work experience pathways, representitive selection and university and motivational speakers this is tailored to the individuals on the programme. From the many one to one meetings with the scholars we can personalise the support required to ensure a focused career pathway is discussed during very important academic years 16-21 years of age.

Finally, maintaining happy positive life experiences the Lichfield City Academy has fantastic visits to Wembley and league football clubs however, the football tours to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or our other partners through our international sports group allows friendships and memories for life to be created and im delighted this years trip to FC Barcelona has been concluded with 30 academy players due to have fun.

Good luck to all the players as they approach final exam-assignment deadlines and a big thank you to all our sponsors and friends who continue to show belief in our aim to encourage youth development the professional way.