Lichfield City FC Academy meet England U21 -Positive minds


Creating memories for our Lichfield City FC Academy students is a promise we keep and while training at the elite setting of St Georges Park it was wonderful for the team to witness England u21 preparing for the Toulon Tournament.


23 of the Academy players all passed their higher education qualifications this week and with 16 new players offered Academy places next season- competition on and off the pitch will be encouraging.

The blog articles aim to support and build confidence with students learning but also the stresses of modern life. Lets look at a modern technique that has certainly developed my wellbeing over recent years.

Mindfulness meditation can help to combat the effects of stress and enhance performance under pressure.

Lichfield City FC Academy

Amid the many pressures of modern life, it’s unsurprising that much of our emotional energy is now spent either worrying about what has happened or thinking about the future. But by learning to focus on the here and now through mindfulness meditation we can deal with our external stressors better and change how they impact on our wellbeing and performance.

Reducing stress mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve focus and communication and reduce self-criticism and risk of burnout. In particular, it is being used to improve decision-making and develop new ways of communicating and responding under pressure.

There is no right time or place to practise mindfulness. The key is to develop a routine that works for you. Find a time when you will not be disturbed by others and turn off your phone.

While classes are a great way to learn meditation with others, there are also plenty of websites and apps that offer downloadable exercises and many short meditation practices that can be easily slotted into a busy routine.

These include a mini-meditation called the ‘three-minute breathing space’, walking meditations for those who find it hard to sit still, and imagery exercises for people who prefer to visualise a scene rather than focusing solely on their breathing.

A simple way to build mindfulness into a busy schedule is to become more mindful during everyday activities. Taking three minutes out in a quiet place can help to ground you when you are stressed or anxious and help you to focus your attention on what is important.

I love this game Lichfield City FC Academy.