Merry Christmas and happy new year to all involved with the academy. 🎄
For me it’s a service to support the career of others. It’s non stop hard work & leadership. It’s a pleasure to guide & develop all at the academy. I stick to a vision with unwavering strength & belief. It’s my aim to hold everyone on course with a confidence.
I attempt to respect everyone’s opinion & adapt accordingly. The main decisions will be based on establishing long-term relationships together for the benefit of the team.
Every situation, especially the difficult ones, offers a chance to learn. Whether it’s developing new skills, understanding different perspectives, or refining our approach, there’s always a takeaway. I want all the team comfortable but not in comfy zone.
They must build resilience at the academy in the classroom & on the pitch.
Our opportunities are about offering lifelong learning & education. It’s up to others on how much they want to learn & improve, this will then determine their results.
We are so proud of everyone’s progress in 2023 & we are excited for the opportunities in 2024 at the academy in our 8th year together. I wish all our brilliant staff, business partners, parents, learners & friends a wonderful Christmas with those they love & a peaceful new year.