Happy Easter blessings to all the staff, players, parents, sponsors, friends past & present. A wonderful time of the year to reflect.
As I approach another season of 85 matches of support for our academy learners, I’ll be pleased to take a rest from supporter, secretary, coach, manager & business owner.
Leading the academy was not the goal, but making a difference to others lives was the aim.
It’s always been about the goals set not the role.
I always respect the talented people I work with, the desire to improve myself & the responsibility of improving the learners to be better people.
One aim is to care for the staff and learners so they know who they can become in life..
The exciting journey continues and I’m proud of all involved..
Established & outstanding 6 year successful program of education & football for 16-21 year old learners.
Looking forward to developing the existing learners and supporting the new recruits. This year has also witnessed mentoring of many new young coaches & work experience placements.
We are pleased to offer our learners strong exit pathways on their two year graduation. We have amazing pathways of education & consistent football opportunities.
Very pleased with the progress of these young guys & much more to learn over 2022.
An invite to train & learn the beautiful game we all love with FA England tutors with over 40 professional coaches watching.
A team picture to remember each & everyone of our learners effort this year & their identity from leaving school to a professional environment of work.
Look around you in the classroom, football pitch or at home and you see how much importance other people have in your life.
Without them I’d struggle !
We look forward to supporting the end of year activities with a tour to Barcelona, Final football matches, exam and assignment submissions and the further progress of the school leavers joining the academy after the exam season.

Have a great Easter Holiday.

Lichfield City Football Academy with England u21 coaches