Congratulations to all the students on their learning & progress this year. There has been great development on the football pitch with their understanding of the standards required from all players moving from junior football to youth academy levels. The teams have suffered also with results or performances but this is very important for their development. We have witnessed outstanding victories and solid individual performances which offers excitement for the future.

The education in the classroom has produced consistent high standards, several students have achieved fantastic work. Therefore, ensuring solid progress to our degree program offering full time football for a further two years and work experience placements.

The retention is solid with all the opportunities on offer at the academy in and out the classroom, with students offered a second year place. We congratulate and wish our graduate students good luck in their career and we are happy with their development. Several students will progress on to the degree course.

Congratulations to Jon & Josh for their student of the year award.

We end the year before the exam season with final football matches in Spain with a tour to watch Barcelona live and play 4 matches in Barcelona and their community area. Outstanding Spanish opponents where the learning from our students will last a lifetime. All the students and staff created wonderful memories and it was a pleasure after all the hard work that all the squad could enjoy a perfect week on tour together.

We wish all our students and parents a safe and happy off season until we start back to do it all again with the new school leavers who we look to create further opportunities and memories with