Congratulations to all the staff and learners with their approach to the new academic and football season.

Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities.

It means believing that you CAN do what ever you truly desire, because everything is within your own ability.

When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action.

Discover your passions, look at what you are already good at and become the very best version of yourself.

As we approach our 7th year anniversary we look forward to helping the club grow with developing the community learners full time on the education program.

We welcome Rhodes Wealth Management 01332 497 670 as our shirt sponsor. Providing financial advice to our staff, learners and parents. Anyone requiring support can contact these professionals for sound and sensible planning.

We are delighted and welcome new Coach Callum who has provided great advice, coaching and knowledge to the group.

We look forward to progressing in two u18 floodlit league, our education midweek league sponsored by Future lions and the highest National league u19 midweek league sponsored by UCFB. The highest level of football for youth players if they are not professional. With all the cup competitions 92 matches are planned and we played 14 pre season matches.

The academy has planned sporting events at St Georges Park with elite coaching. We have a date to take all our learners to a champions league club for our educational annual tour.

The full time Staff are working hard preparing to grow and develop our learners careers with several events and support and this above the standard timetable of education lessons. We will work with our local charity events in the winter months.

The outstanding success for our previous learners enjoyment is the safe environment and passion of the staff to care for the learners. In 2023 we welcome year 11/12 girl learners to the academy for a new updated program.

Year 11-12 learners can apply now for October and December presentations.

Better learners make better players.