Lichfield City Football Academy Students

Playing football with no whistle…

Do you remember when we had no coaching – you tried to play like your hero you never stopped running, jumping, heading,tackling, shooting dribbling fighting for the ball you would play against lads older than you and you would become a better player?

You got kicked and you would just rub it off because you knew your mom wanted you home for tea but you just wanted to play football?

The academy players I like are these lads above who want to play football – train hard be fitter than the guy next to them – they can learn how to win, how to work hard for team mates, to have courage on the ball to do the right thing – to maximise their heart rate to reach the highest level of fitness they can achieve as then I know their raw football talent will shine through and they will be mentally fitter & physically stronger than the opposition they will have great concentration skills for life.

Lichfield City Football Academy

If I teach lads to play in different positions it’s because one day on the pitch they may be in that position and they know what to do for the team with confidence.

If I teach self worth of being on time – training hard – giving your absolute  best because you never have a regret. I teach you to communicate and listen on the pitch because these are the skills that will turn you from a boy to a man on your career ladder it’s because I care about you.

If I let you just play with no instruction and your creative and you do something from instinct then that’s a great moment.

If I see you shake my hand like a man at the start of training, smile at me during training, I see your eyes hungry for more, wipe your brow when you leave my training pitch and ask for more.

Then I know this coach needs no whistle and I have become your no one fan.

Are you ready Lichfield City football Academy player to have no whistle?