Lichfield City Football Academy-Success

“Loved every minute at the academy, who wouldn’t want to play football every day. Met some quality friends along the way and learnt some great life lessons as well”

“Being at Lichfield Academy was a very good 2 years of my life I’ll always remember & gave me numerous amounts of opportunities to experience things I wouldn’t have done at my age throughout the 2 years I was there, had I not decided to go there, like going on holiday with 25 of your mates at once, going to Wembley to watch England instead of going to college, training at St George’s, meeting & being coached by ex pros etc. I met people who I bonded well with from the get-go and have made some solid friendships with the lads & coaching staff there & Darren always had my back when I needed him to & made time for me which I’ll always appreciate. I’d recommend anyone thinking about joining to just go for it as I joined in the first of it & speak highly of it & it will only improve & get more enjoyable each year with added experience, opportunities & quality being added into the team. The Academy & the club in general will definitely be making big progress within the next few years and I’m glad I was a part of the first step of it all & will miss it all & everyone that was a part of it with me.”

Lichfield City Academy pre sesaon

“I joined the academy at the start of the second year however I feel I settled in with the lads quickly, I have enjoyed all the experiences at the club and will enjoy more memories in the next season. I appreciate everything Darren has done for us and for the academy.”

“Lichfield has helped me progress in my football and get closer to where I want to be. The academy is like a family as well as a team.”

“This year at Lichfield has been the one of the best & most influential of my life, I will never forget what darren has done for me clearing my path and giving me links to a better career in football”

“Great memories for the graduate players of 2018 above with their thoughts.”

“We welcome our first young lady recruit Alicia who is super excited to develop her career skills after leaving school. Check out the gallery pictures.”

“Delighted with the the high school leavers attiude and committment to pre season to date showing good team spirit & friendship.”

“Good luck to all our students this season.”