Lichfield City Football Education
Top of the league for term 1 & excellent educational lessons guest speakers helping our learners progress in life.
So much hard work ahead in their development to be solid young adult players but several already playing-training in the first team.
Our educational program is one of the best in Staffordshire with the opportunities on offer for life long learning. We believe at our football-education Academy true success & development cannot be quickly acquired in the classroom or on the pitch by shortcuts, quick fixes, or instant solutions to problems?
Achieving real results requires practice and preparation to become good at your work, learning from mistakes, and continuously pushing yourself.   Why does practice and preparation matter?
1. Deep Understanding: Repeated practice allows us to achieve knowledge, making it a part of us- knowledge into practical security.
2. Building Resilience: With every setback or failure during preparation, we learn to adapt, overcome, and come back stronger.
3. Consistency: Regular practice ensures consistent performance, setting the foundation for excellence. It’s not just football it’s long lasting education in life to win. Proud of our learners at Lichfield term one well done everyone.
Congratulations to everyone on a very positive Term Outstanding education lessons & results Top in 2 leagues
Guest speakers been amazing Players training & playing 1st team Congratulations HERBALIFE NUTRITION sponsor student of the month year 1 Shay & year 2 Jamie.
Fantastic attendance, classroom performance and playing standards.
All learners challenging themselves to be the best they can be in our safe happy environment at our club.
Congratulations to all our new signings from year 11 high schools awarded a scholarship this week.
Good luck everyone TERM 2.
Lichfield City Football Academy Education
Lichfield City Football Academy