Lichfield City Academy football education tour 2023 #Barcelona

Can’t wait to spend it with these guys.

After so much hard work let’s create more happy memories on our annual overseas TOUR.

4 fixtures & Nou camp live Tuesday 90,000 fans.

Lichfield City Academy experienced more interesting matches on tour.

A brilliant tour and we hope everyone has enjoyed the opportunity. The lads have been fantastic & it’s a shame we can’t stay longer.

Thanks for the memories 💙⚽️🇪🇸

Lichfield City football academy magic creating memories and opportunities for our students to grow & develop.

What a brilliant group of students to enjoy our annual tour experience together.

We look forward to supporting and celebrating the students end of year graduation. Plus the excitement of all the new and existing students returning pre season on scholarship.

Well done all the staff for their consistent hard work and support.

CHECK OUT THE INSTAGRAM and the gallery below.