Lichfield City football club welcome business partners

The Lichfield City football Academy are proud to work alongside local business in the community to support each other. Ministry will play a key part of the football clubs development going forward with an elite range of designer clothes & sports gear the academy students will look great. Already chosen my items for summer holidays.

Barnes skip & recycling offer fantastic products locally and have long standing relationships in Lichfield City and the surrounding district with a first class reliable service. We are delighted to work with professional business who value dedication, specialisum and loyalty in their work.

Hoar cross Hall is a wonderful local spa retreat offering overnight & day facilities for any occasion. Looking after your wellbeing and the care of others within outstanding surroundings is not only a lovely place to work but also a wonderful place to visit. Another key partner and professional business we are delighted to support and work alongside.


When it comes to restaurants Piza by goli is the best- the staff all offer great service, the food is fresh, fun and delicious. Over twenty years of consistant service and fine food at a reasonable cost for a family is the enjoyment the academy have found. Eating in or having a takeaway it is the same quality. Happy to support and the academy lads always like pasta to refuel their energy levels.

We are delighted to have consistant support from Joma sports and as a national recognised retailer we are delighted with our quality of service received and choice of materials on offer. The Lichfield City football Academy look smart and presentable and this years new outfit is to be sure a big seller in our clubshop. Thank you GBsports for your support.

Lichfield City football Academy are looking forward to maintaining their working relationships with local business and offering time and opportunity to help each other.

The Lichfield City Football Academy would like to welcome sports Therapist Gemma to the team who will offer great modern skills and knowledge. Gemma offers a strong, loyal workethic and is a positive staff member.

Robert a talented athlete but also fitness & performance coach will offer the academy students support with fitness and nutrition and is a postive staff member will excellent mental strength skills to help others.

Theo Streete will offer excellent football coaching and analysis -as an ex-professional footballer & present scout Theo has a keen attention to detail and will offer excellent feedback to the players to develop & improve.

Looking forward to the new season for the Lichfield City football Academy & Reserves.