Study Athlete Professional Development FdA at Lichfield City FC Football Academy in partnership with the University of Derby

Course Description:

Course: FdA Athlete Professional Development

This course is delivered via work-based learning with University of Derby and Lichfield City FC Football Academy.

  • You’ll learn from our expert teaching team who are actively involved in research, high-performance sport and applied sport science consultancy. They are also members of leading professional bodies.
  • You’ll gain invaluable knowledge, applied experience, practical and technological skills to help you support athletes’ training.
  • This course has been designed in partnership with industry leaders, to equip you with the skills that employers are looking for.
  • This flexible course allows you to continue to train on a full-time basis.


Lichfield FC Football Academy

Who is this qualification for?

The course places you at the core of the programme, focusing on your personal and professional development. Designed to fit around your full-time training/schedule, it will prepare you for your life in and after sport.

If you’re part of the Lichfield City FC Academy or football in any role, this foundation degree will help you future-proof your career. As a promising sportsperson and/or sports official, you are focused on your performance on the pitch and pursuing your dreams to play/officiate  professionally. Your life off the pitch is crucial too, and it’s important to plan for your future after sport.

This flexible and unique foundation degree allows you to do that, and receive a recognised qualification for doing so. You’ll be able to train and play full-time, while studying and working towards your degree.

The blocked on-campus delivery and remote study methods have been designed to support elite/professional players and officials.

The course places you at the core of the programme, focusing on your personal and professional development; you’ll explore:

  • Your life so far and your future plans
  • Your values, beliefs and motivations
  • What you want from your life in and after sport
  • How to be successful during your playing/officiating career and afterwards
  • How self-reflection can help shape your future life and career choices

You will:

  • Learn from our expert teaching team who are actively involved in research, high-performance sport and applied sport science consultancy. They are also members of leading professional bodies
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment in the University of Derby Sports Centre
  • Put theory into practice through work-based learning in both years of your studies. You’ll have the opportunity to apply the skills you learn within the modules to roles within the host organisation such as coaching, teaching, sports administration, event support and mentoring


Lichfield FC Football Academy
Study Applied Football Science at Salford University

When you’ve finished the course:

Once you finish the course, you’ll not only have formal recognition of a foundation degree on your CV, but you’ll also be in a position where your next career step will be an extension of your current sporting life. It can also be a stepping stone to further development through a BA (Hons) Sport Coaching and Development Top-up.

Develop a wide skill set:

In your first year you’ll explore how to develop personally and professionally and look after your physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll explore positive communication, including counselling skills and techniques, and learn about team working, which will help develop your confidence in leadership.

During your second year you’ll complete an independent project, reflecting on sporting communities and their place in your life and others. You’ll explore ethics on a personal and societal level and apply these to current issues. You’ll also develop and use your business skills to plan and implement products and services – a valuable preparation for the next stage in your career.

How you will learn:

This programme includes traditional academic study with practical application and work-based learning to offer a unique experience. This course is delivered in blocks and has been designed to meet your needs.

We use a range of assessment methods, including traditional formats such as written papers, presentations and portfolios. In addition to these we use less traditional methods such as blogs, vlogs and interviews to assess your progress. These reflect work-based elements of your course and will help you prepare for your future career.

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Units of Study Include:

YEAR 1 - Me, Myself and I’ – Self-Managing Personal Development

In this module, you’ll focus on life development not just your career development. You’ll be encouraged to engage with your own story, and as the module progresses you’ll be introduced to the idea of ‘action learning sets’ or ‘buddy groups’ and will support other class members in exploring their stories and self-learning.

The module will also focus on developing awareness of how to create and live a balanced life that encourages and supports good mental and physical health, as well as life/career progression. You’ll undertake 100 hours of work-based learning will help you to apply theory to practice, and you’ll be supported and guided throughout by an academic mentor.

Of the 100 hours, it’s expected that at least 50 hours should be practical, and the remaining hours may include planning of, and reflection on, the practical application.

YEAR 1 - Positive Communication – Living with Others

This module will introduce you to communication concepts relevant to current business and coaching environments. You’ll learn about positive communication techniques and the challenges of identity and impression management within professional practice.

This will be taught through real-life case studies and you’ll be introduced to a variety of issues in business and coaching frameworks including decision making and implementation, how effective communication can underpin such processes, informing engagement, and influence performance outcomes.

YEAR 1 - Leading and Following: Working in Teams

This module will introduce you to the ideas and concepts around working within team environments, notably the ideas around leadership, followership and collective growth.

The module will examine an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and followership, and you’ll explore a variety of disciplines including coaching, psychology, business, counselling and/or sport and exercise science.

You’ll learn through a mix of guided individual and group-based tasks, active learning, presentations, problem-based learning and group discussion.

You’ll also engage with necessary academic skills (literature search and evaluation) to support your development and prepare you for assessment.

YEAR 2 - The Working World – Navigating the Workplace

This module will introduce you to ideas and knowledge relevant to current workplace environments. The module will break down barriers to creativity with the use of models, and an examination of entrepreneurial behaviours. You will learn how to develop products and services through careful planning, implementation and management.

Through real-life case studies, you’ll be introduced to a variety of issues in business and coaching frameworks such as decision-making and budget management. You will also explore the key issues transitioning athletes will face as they set themselves up either as self-employed, working for an organisation, or taking on various pieces of portfolio work.

You’ll also engage with necessary academic and research skills (qualitative and quantitative analysis) to aid your development and prepare you for assessment.

YEAR 2 - Contemporary Issues: Evaluating Current Issues in Society and Sport

This module will explore personal and societal ethics. You’ll be asked to apply your understanding of ethics to critical topics in the media and society as a whole. The emphasis will be on raising awareness of self, others and the values we bring to living our lives.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be aware of the commercial realities and external factors that influence the success of an organisation.

You’ll gain an understanding of contemporary issues that may impact on industrial and professional practices relevant to a career within your chosen discipline.

YEAR 2 - Personal Development Project
hroughout this module, you’ll undertake a project that requires you to interact practically with a community. You’ll come up with the concept for the project, plan it and implement it. The main aim of this module is to develop a deeper understanding of self, as well as new personal skills and knowledge. You’ll learn to be more aware of others and the community in which they live.

The project can be anything from a work placement to an investigative study. It can be based in a community that is relevant to you whether that be your sports team/club, a familiar community or a societal/social community.

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“Over the last 2 years, the staff at Lichfield City Academy have improved me both in the classroom and out on the football pitch. They have provided me with the foundation to continue my football career and also move onto university. On the footballing side, Darren and his coaching team have helped develop me, whilst also providing opportunities to challenge myself in competitive leagues. In the classroom, Steve and Josh have made the course thoroughly enjoyable, and have broadened my knowledge in many sporting fields.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested, as the opportunities and experiences available at Lichfield are fantastic.”


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