What it feels like at Lichfield City Academy-Jacob Burns

Life at Lichfield city fc academy

The Lichfield city academy is the single best education decision I made. There are many reasons as to why this is the case. The first reason is that it is a rare opportunity which I had to take for the chance to be treated and train like a professional football scholar. With training sessions done on high quality 4G pitches, we are provided with the best facilities to which we can improve our football and going to BMET College our education side is also of the highest quality. Another reason why I believe that the Lichfield academy is the best decision I made was because we get given opportunities to go to the home of England training at St.Georges Park and are able to watch the best players in our country train, aswell as being trained by club managers from the highest clubs in England such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Our weeks consist of college followed by football training on Monday with our longest session on that Monday. Then on a Tuesday we have football training working on shape, tactics and game play in this session on the Tuesday. Wednesday is matchday with our good respected football teams such as Romulus, Moreton and Newcastle town. Thursdays is our rest day from football and we just go to college in the afternoon. Friday is much the same as Tuesday as we work on game play and shape for the game we have on Saturdays. On Saturdays we play in the MJPL (midland junior premier league) another very close and competitive league with some big clubs in it.

What it feels like at Lichfield City Academy

After doing sixth form for a year and experiencing another education opportunity I can say that the Lichfield academy is 100 times better. This is because we was provided with the same education qualifications that sixth form can provide as there is a choice to do A-levels or there is a extended diploma BTEC offered which gives the same UCAS points as A-levels. Also Lichfield academy has already provided me with people that I know will be my friends for life and created bonds with these that you can never replicate with people at school. Also the atmosphere in the team is something which I believe can’t be provided at any other academy as everyone gets on and respects each other. Also there is no better feeling then the feeling there is in the academy on a match day with a electric buzz in everyone and an un explainable atmosphere when we are on the minibus or in the changing room after a win. I want to go to university after my 2 years with the academy and I know that I will be provided with all the information and will be supported in my decision to do this by all people involved with the academy.

 I enjoy every aspect of this football academy with a manager who can’t do enough for any of his players and will do anything to get the best from his players, and providing opportunities to his players which you don’t get from other managers. This once again is something which isn’t felt in school.


Lichfield academy is like a second family and I am loving every minute of it and wouldn’t change a thing about it.